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Wind Of Fate - Poem by Taiwo Lasisi

There is a wind never heard of
A wind we've all soared
Every bit of humanity has once been a submissive wife
Or rather a humble slave to this wind
This wind is part of earths eternal mysteries
It has always been since the beginning of histories

do not think this wind is evil
but rather a analytical preview
of our powerlessness
in the genesis of our existence

this wind starts it all
it blows us to be us
it designs our call
it perfect our imbalance curse

it gives us no choice
it blows at partial course
but still, impartial
it blows some lightly
and some heavily
it blows some to terror
and blows some to valor

you still may not know this wind I'm talking about
but it has blown you and everyone around you
its the greatest thing that ever happened to you
its this same wind that blow that crippled child you once pitied
its the same wind that blow that poor beggar on wall street

This same wind blew Malia into the womb of Michelle Obama
This same wind blew me into one big family that could get me educated
This same wind blew you into that family where you have 3 square meal
This same wind blew one poor child somewhere into one miserably poor home
Where hunger has become a necessary deal

This wind I'm talking about makes us
Our gender, nationality, family, are all determined by this wind
Even sometimes we regret being who we are
Or where we are
We may want to blame this wind
But this mysterious wind can never be blamed
For the ones he blows into terror he fills with great valor
As his reward for such ugly turbulence

This wind; i call the wind of fate
Blows some into riches
And blows some into poverty
Blows some into health
Some into sickness

It is sad, we don't have control over this wind
But still, our control of this wind is what makes us
By becoming the wind, we can control the wind
By blowing once more on those harshly blown
By blowing softly upon them that were terribly blown

By showing love and concern for those that have been placed into discreet agony or suffering
Not as a matter of choice but by birth
Like the poor little girls in Niger born into the reign of child marriage
Or the Poor hungry children in Africa born into abject poverty
They have not chosen these for themselves.
They were only blown by the wind of fate that has also blown you and I to a more fortunate position.
The only way we can change things is to be the wind and blow on the hopeless once more..

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

i wrote this poem so we can discover that what ever harsh condition children or girls or boys may be facing in anywhere in the world, they didn't choose it. they were born into it and you could have been born into it. you could have been born into slavery, or into the poorest African countries but if you are fortunate enough to find yourself in a good and loving environment. learn to touch those in pain or distress. enjoy the and i pray you get the message of this poem.

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