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Wish - Poem by joesiah childs

i wish i can be different.
that my wish.
to wish that i have already wish for it can't come true.
i wish that i can be human and never care about death or decade.
but i wish and wish that not coming true.
i stand looking at the moon with invisble tears falling down my eyes.
but still i wish of something that never was clear to me.
i wish and wish for one wish i myself have kept in mind.
to wish what that hang from my tip of my lips.
i can't say it silent with no words and its cold as winpering winds.
maybe was i wishing for death or for a chances.
maybe my wish wasn't a wish was it or was not.
but here i am standing under a moon as it stay high in the sky of night.
where there was nothing at all where i was at.
glass was every where so was water hitting my feet.
as i look down the floor was beauitful and clean it almost show that its was my dream.
my dream this place that stand my own realilty was really on what my wish would be.
i still wish for something that was still at the tip of my lips.
with no words to say and no voice to say it with.
it almost make me feel that my wish can't never come true.
but i as i rise my hands up high and i was on my knee's.
i slowly bring my hand down covering my face.
and than i never awake because my wish that was silent and cold as wind
that has no words to say my wish was clean to me.
i wish to be alone that was my wish.
i wish to stay in a world that has no one there only the star of night
and the moon shining from abrove the sky and the ocean
that i can stand and swim in.
my wish was really to frad away but to know that i wasn't alone.
but deep inside my heart i wish to be a memory.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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