With This Knife Poem by J M. Basey

With This Knife

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I'll tell you how it is,
Got some sh*t on my chest,
That I want to get off,
Maybe then I'll be less depressed.

Every time I see you in the street,
I want to come over and explain,
Why our relationship had to end,
Why I had to leave you, standing there in the rain.

Back then I had things on my mind,
That I had to be sorted,
I had to leave you,
'Cos my mind was distorted.

I didn't know how I felt,
My mind was racing,
I was unsure about life,
Not sure about what sort of future I'd be facing.

I've tried to phone you,
I've sent countless e-mails and letters,
Just to let you know,
That I'm now feeling better.

Listen I know your upset,
I'm trying to make up for lost time,
I'm so sorry, please come back to me?
Say that you'll once again be mine

I left you then to get myself help,
From someone who understood,
What I was going through,
I was protecting you from the truth,
I did everything I could.

I wanted to tell you,
But you'd of thought that I was crazy,
You weren't to know,
That my mind was all hazy.

I know it sounds weird,
But I felt really lonely,
Suffering from something I didn't understand,
I thought I was the one and only,

I didn't say anything,
'Cos I knew it would break you heart,
In knowing that your going out with someone,
Who suffers from depression. It would've torn you apart.

Honestly though, I'm fine now,
I've got it under control,
That was my mission,
My ultimate goal.

So will you take me back?
Give me a second chance?
Or you will just not look back,
Not giving me just one glance?

Fine I know where I stand,
So I've decided that with this knife,
I'll pierce my fragile heart,
That was once part of your life.

By Jay Basey © 2006

J M. Basey

J M. Basey

Brisbane, Queens, Aus
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