J M. Basey Poems

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Forbidden Lovers

I wish I could find the words
That I want to say to you
I wish I had the courage
To pick up the phone

Broken Heart's

Why do I help you?
When it is my time you waste
Oh this pill
Leaves such a bitter taste

Under Pressure

One of these days I’ll learn
Don’t mess with anybody’s feelings
Cos one day they’ll turn on me
I’m sick of being like that

Waiting For You

there goes my wishes,
that keep me dreaming,
i really don't understand,
why you keep on screaming?

Being Honest

I’m here writing
My feelings onto this page
To some of you
It may cause outrage

Never Stopped Loving You

The day we broke up
It's still clear as ever
And it's a heart-breaking memory
That'll stay with me forever

Barrel Of A Forty Five

As I sit silently on my bed,
Staring through the glass,
I wish I was dead,
I stare further on through the rain,

Still Breathing

Yeah, who’s going to be the last one left
Please tell me?
Who’s going to be the last one left

To My Unborn Children

To my unborn children
To my unborn children
Just remember daddy loves you
Hope the lord’s looking after you


Can you notice my pain?
It runs deep through my veins
Can I share it with you all?

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