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Within The Heart Of You - Poem by susan brealey

Such beauty reigns within the heart of you
invisible to naked eye of most
the fragrance of your flesh like morning dew
reminds me of salt air along the coast.
Your ruby lips when pouting stir my core
so fragile is your temperament, dear
our dreams were built upon the Eastern shore
waves washed away my sadness and my fear.

With ev’ry sunset cross the sea so calm
are memories that keep our love anew
as if we’ve lived words written in a Psalm
expressing our emotions ever true.
A seashell holds the secrets of our youth
we strive to hang on to those precious years
your eyes reflect the meaning and the truth
that wiped away our emptiness and tears.

The ocean’s stormy waters held at bay
create for us another lovely day.


Create for us another lovely day
of sweet romance forever locked inside
our spirits and our hearts shall not delay
acceptance of a love we can’t deny.
You touch my aging eyes with tenderness
and run your fingers through my thinning hair
so sweetly on my brow you lay your kiss
and I remember moments full of care.

I look to yesteryear’s when youth was ours
and cherish all the mem’ries that live on
as if the blooming buds of dying flow'rs
will come to life again when we have gone.
Our world, as we now know it, won't remain
but we shall find each other after death
our souls will be immune to any pain
there’ll be no sadness as we draw last breath.

Relief and happiness will then be found
as death reveals an afterlife profound.


As death reveals an afterlife profound
we meet again once through the pearly gate
we speak, though neither of us makes a sound
you see, in Heaven, silence is the state.
There is no noise, except the golden cord
that’s played by angel’s donning lovely dress
there is no Chairman sitting on the board
in heaven there is no one to impress.

The Lord has found us innocent of sin
as through our live’s we did repent each one
we let our faith take hold and grow within
and lived and loved as wanted by His Son.
So, now we garner love we’ve never known
no prejudice or hate can gain control
for we’re the blossoms of the seeds we’d sown
on earth when flesh had covered up our soul.

For now this all is just a hopeful dream
a golden thread that’s basted o’er the seam.


A golden thread that’s basted o’er the seam
of each life that the Lord has blessed to all
is ours to nurture and to help redeem
preparing each to understand His call.
As you, my love, and I walk through this life
our children have been guided well to see
that love of God is greater than of wife
but, love enough for you is deep in me.

We walk the shore and pick up shells to hear
the roar of ocean’s waves that crash and fade
amazement lights your eyes and holds your ear
I liken this to after love we’ve made.
At times like these my aging eyes deceive
my heart and make me wonder how you’re mine
if death takes you first would I believe
in God, the pearly gate, of love sublime.

The sunsets ‘gainst the ev’ning rolling tide
I gaze upon your beauty, smiling wide.


I gaze upon your beauty, smiling wide
deep in my heart there sings a song for you
forever you will be my blushing bride
in all the world no love could be as true.
I often sit at night and watch you sleep
afraid that you will cease to breathe again
and all the mem’ries that this mind may keep
would be meaningless and lost to me then.

And, as I watch you slumber, so at rest
I wonder if you've truly felt this love
that's given me a lifetime of the best
one only God could send from up above.
As fragile and as rare as the'black rose'
so has been all the magic in our world
like buds upon the bushes where they pose
until each silky petal comes unfurled.

I am your Guardian throughout the night
embracing you with so much will and might.


Embracing you with so much will and might
I feel the gentle heaving of your chest
please know, I never want you from my sight
for through your love and friendship, I’ve been blessed.
You gave me strength to live a life carefree
and sacrificed your dreams to give mine hope
there’s nothing that can break this unity
that ties our hearts and souls with lover‘s rope.

A simple look from you bewitched my heart
I could not turn away from your sweet face
as Cupid aimed and shot his magic dart
my thoughts could not keep up with my heart’s pace.
And through the years, we’ve kept our love alive
romantic and delightful times we share
where other lover’s fail to grow and thrive
somehow, our playing field has remained fair.

We love and trust each other doubts aside
In happiness and sorrow, we have cried.


In happiness and sorrow, we have cried
emotions flow like rivers to the sea
though often we have failed, we always tried
to sweep away the pain of life’s debris.
Our hearts were pure and gentleness defined
the love we grew into as years passed by
and, suddenly, our age has redesigned
the ways we love and all the reasons why.

Companionship has taken place of needs
to satisfy the cravings once so strong;
and as the evening tide slowly recedes
the weeping bagpipes play their solemn song.
I watch the bursting blossoms fade away
reflections of the sun dance o’er the moon
I have no true regrets of yesterday
I whisper softly, “I’ll be with you soon.”

Remembering your love and how I knew,
such beauty reigns within the heart of you.

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