Without Stitching Closed the Eye of the Falcon Poem by Anne Waldman

Anne Waldman

New Jersey / United States

Without Stitching Closed the Eye of the Falcon

without care without seed pearl without stitching closed the
eye of the falcon without seemly rectitude without the platitude
of o thou muddled media pundit without questionable doubt or
metabolism without a geographic category of speech that will travail
without a hint or glint of 'secular' mastery, without ritual framing
without a theatrical sense of illusion and bandying about or on or inside
a thermosphere without it working against you and when it does being
able to go on without it without gavottes without gazelles that you
study in neighboring Persian poetries without spallation and
without a diving bell how will you survive? without rapacious wildcats
without the sense of security you have always expected without your
familiar stage fright without the caves without the bombing of caves
without the mystery of caves without the caves in your memory of that
mystery that lives in caves without caves that long to exist in the
hand print in the cave of that memory without the rivets that hold
the wing together that hold the whole throbbing machine together that
assert the rivet dominion without which you do not have a plan of
fastening together of wings of arms for the automaton that holds
the capital together without its own mind of wheels and cogs and mudras
that run the show without all the pixels and efforts of more dominion
without borders to cross without needing to carry things over borders
the invasion of your homeland (coming? coming soon?) without it, what
call in the night what call is answered what nuance what tantrum in the night
what martyrdom of dreaming your own birth your own end of history
or end of speculation what call what alarm is sounding deep in the home?


Anne Waldman

New Jersey / United States
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