Anne Waldman Poems

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Fast Speaking Woman [excerpt]

woman never under your thumb, says
skull that was a head, says

Baby's Pantoum

I lie in my crib midday this is
unusual I don't sleep really
Mamma's sweeping or else boiling water for tea
Other sounds are creak of chair & floor, water

Allegorical Baraka

who wakes you up
bad scenic tapestry

Attenuate The Loss And Find

name appears
everywhere and in dream

A Phonecall From Frank O'Hara

I was living in San Francisco
My heart was in Manhattan

Matriot Acts, Act I [history Of Mankind]

you no longer believe in anything
movement of train, mauve waves

Manatee/Humanity [excerpt]

in the ritual they said cast your lot in here
in the ritual you were meant to be protector

Scallop Song

I wore a garland of the briar that put me now in awe
I wore a garland of the brain that was whole
It commanded me, done babbling


Standing in front of the Canelleto of Venice's "ghetto vecchio", "ghetto" the word for "foundry,"contemplating those arms and harms. I sit down in ghetto, I sit here in ghetto vecchio.

Maelstrom: One Drop Makes the Whole World Kin

All the world is one, like an angry deity's essence dropped in
the ocean
becoming monstrous: what happens Mumbai happens Paris
What happens Vicenza U.S. Base or Prodi, Kyoto Accord, XL