Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Without You

Without you I feel so alone in this world
Without you I wont make it on my own
Your my life and now all of that is gone
Leaving me here staring at the dawn
Life isn't perfect without you
But its your choice, what can I do?
Only sit here and wait as life passes by
Never got a real change to say good-bye
When I think of you I cry until it hurts
But only in my mind where It cant hurt
I still think of you as if you stand near me
Why has life felt so empty when you left me!

You promised me we will stay together forever
And how we said we will love eachother forever and ever
I sit here now and its begining to darken up
Cant never sleep cause I just stay up
Thinking about you and only you for not even a year
But just the fact we are not together leaves me in fear
I cant react or talk to the people I used to trust
Instead now Im not sure who I can trust

A knife in my back but I've shoud of seen it coming
But it was you..'Et tu Brute' No Im bugging
Because without you now I can see the truth
Something inside has unleasehd me through
These chains and other things that I cant manage to think of
Without you here I don't have to scavenge of words to say of
How much I love you but at the moment you didn't care
I knew you were slipping but I was holding the air
In case that you came back maybe it was destined
But never in my life I planned to mention
That without you Im gone there is nothing left
But I lied to you I nodded and held my breath
It comes down to this the sun doesn't shine anymore
But tomorrow I'll be waiting because Im just feeling alone
Without you I feel so alone
Without you..
Joel Rodriguez
Angela Wright 10 May 2006
don't feel alone... i spend every moment of heart chasing my love... a little girl following a little boy with everything that she is... that is true love. real love. love not known in this ugly world except by two. don't give up. don't run. don't feel alone. look to the stars with love on your eyes...
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