Joe McIntyre

Without You - Poem by Joe McIntyre


Without you, there'd be no stars. to light up the sky
nor birds to sing their song, and swiftly fly by.

There'd be no rain to make things grow,
no snow on the mountains to fill the lakes below

Without you to light my way,
there'd be darkness in my everyday.

You'd walk into a room, not a window in sight,
with your smiling lips, you'd make the room bright.

The warmth of your hand, laying in mine,
the magic of your kiss, sweet as vintage wine.

The feeling of your head upon my chest,
It's you I want dear, in my love nest.

I can feel the love with all my might,
I'd often touch you during the night.

I feel the love pass from me to you,
just as a bee spreads pollen, to make things new.

A special world, for you and me,
a special bond, that all I can see.

It wraps us up like a blanket when cold,
a gift from the heart, more precious than gold.

Now life is complete, you are now content,
The Love you wanted, has finally been sent.

Joe McIntyre

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this about a friend of mine, He looked for the longest time for the love of his life. Finally, he found her..

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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