Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Words - Poem by Justin Reamer

My dear,
Let me tell you
That when I write
This poem about you
That words cannot begin
To describe you,
For they are an understatement
Of your true beauty,
The one which only comes
When someone gets to know you,
When someone like me
Gets close to you.

My dear,
This poem would
Do you a disservice,
For it can only describe
What you are like,
Not give the whole intensity
Of your uniqueness,
Nor the whole intensity
Of your very own beauty.

For if I painted a picture of you,
We would only see the beauty
On the outside,
Which is only a part of you,
And if I took a photograph,
No one would be able to see
The beauty that exists
Inside of you,
For only the outside
Would be showing,
And though it does add up,
It is only a façade
To the actual beauty you have.

But, yes, I write this poem
For you,
Since you are my beloved,
And I can write
How I truly feel
And what you really
Mean to me.

My dear,
You are so beautiful,
For anyone can see it
In your eyes,
And in your face,
And in your body,
But they do not see the whole thing,
For this is what most people see.

You have a very good body,
Very much intoned,
Very thin,
And very muscular,
Making you look like
A supermodel
To most men.

You have big breasts,
A thin waistline,
A toned stomach,
Long, muscular arms,
And long, full legs.

Every time you breathe,
Your breasts rise and fall
With your lungs,
Making you beautiful
And unique.
Your waistline is thin
And toned,
Giving men horrible
Thoughts about you
That I myself
Would never have.
Your arms are strong
And swaying,
Giving them a conviction,
And your legs are full
And beautiful,
And express the purpose
And conviction you have.

When you walk, my dear,
You walk so gracefully,
For your legs move
Without falling,
Or tripping,
And your arms sway
Back and forth,
With art,
As if like a ballet dancer.

Your body is so fine,
That you would look great
In anything,
Including a tanktop,
A dress,
A shirt,
A t-shirt,
A beautiful blouse,
Tight jeans
That some women
Like to wear,
Relaxed jeans,
A skirt,
A mini-skirt,
Or even a beautiful prom dress.

Your hands can
Be very gentle,
And when they touch me,
Whether it be
On my cheek
Or on my waist,
They show love and
Affection for the man
You love.

And your curves are perfect,
For they make graceful
Moves as you dance with me.

But, that is not
The only thing I adore,
For I also love your face,
Which is the portal to your soul,
And the gateway to your mind.

Your brown hair,
Which goes down to your waist,
Is long and beautiful,
And curls in the most perfect manner,
And sways as you walk,
And the curls are beautiful,
For they bounce as you walk
Toward me,
And they reflect the
Sunlight perfectly,
And it is a great
Complement to your beauty.

Your eyes are the most vibrant brown,
For they hold the vivacity
You have,
And they shine
Like the sun,
And complement you well.

Your nose is small and rounded,
Which is just perfect,
And your ears are the perfect size,
But that is not the only thing that
Makes you beautiful.

For it is your smile
That makes you special,
For you have a beautiful smile
With beautiful white teeth
That shine in the daylight
And is contagious to everyone
Around you,
And it reflects the happiness
You feel in you,
And the warmth that
Emanates from your heart,
And the light that emanates
From your soul.

When you are with me,
You are so very kind,
For you are selfless,
And cheerful.

You care about everything
I have to say,
And you are a good listener,
Just as I am to you.

And you are constantly giving,
Just as I give to you,
For you are selfless,
And you and I know
What love truly is.

When I hold you against me,
I can feel the warmth
In your body,
And your heart beating
In your chest,
And I can feel your breast
Rise and fall
As you take each breath.

Every time I embrace you,
I feel the warmth
Of your heart and
The kindness of your soul,
For you are Christlike,
If anything.

When I see you,
I am always excited,
Because I care about
You so much,
That I would do anything for you,
And would spend every minute
Of my day with you.

I would give you everything,
My dear,
For I care about you
And I want you to be happy.

You are my soulmate,
And you are my love,
And that is what it is,
As far as it can be.

As you see, the words
Do you a disservice, my love,
For they do not describe
Who you are
Without someone looking at you,
Or even getting to know you.
But you are my sweetheart,
And I am yours forever,
And I will always be there,
For you are beautiful
And unique.
No woman can compare
To you,
And because of that,
I will always love you,
Even in our old age,
And I will always be loyal,
And be there whenever
You need me.

I am yours,
And words on a page
Do not describe the
Feelings I have for you,
For I cannot explain it
Well enough.

I love you, my dear,
And I will never
Leave you for anyone else.

I will love you forever,
Until the end of time,
For I am yours,
Truly Forever.

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