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Worldwide Civil War - Poem by Crow thepoet

No fleeting moment commenced
nor satisfied by pride, the rock we all stand upon
Crimes against humanity are crimes nonexistent
Why, since us, the human race, are actively conducting these great sins upon ourselves
What do we pursue:
a world of peace, equality
a world in coexistence we stand
walking down the streets without that growing fear
without bolstering we need a holster for protection
Isn't one of the commandments of public religion
'Do not kill' but it's okay if you're in self defense
or feel you're threatened
an eye for an eye, do I have it right
but they don't take eyes, they take lives
that domino effect wished to be erased
Now we embrace the means of ending conflict with wars
instead of with words
air our grievances without phrases and meanings since we're big kids now
We've graduated from fist fights
to a revolver that leaves no trace
psycho passes of 208 and no one listening
There's plot after plot to assassinate others for the fun of it
for the make of it, for the Gods that beg for it
for some outside force no one seems to see
commanding blood on the door
If this is what freedom truly is
the consent by the universe, by man
to die at the hands of an object created by someone who is of the same flesh as me
leave me a motorcycle so I can attempt to ride it off to Mars
Why do we live like this
They say we have the power to change things
but we have no power for this
This is a worldwide civil war, a worldwide civil war
but there are no definite sides
just an oval like fortress for the people who don't care for your origin, you're a human like the rest of us so here you are our friend
I count myself among them
yet I fear the outside world just doesn't care at all
This is a worldwide civil war and the battle lines are skewed
for these lines are redrawn by the months and setting sun
This is a worldwide civil war but I shout to divinity to open their ears and aid in bringing about peace
hoping others will join me
for I am just one voice
so I ask the public to join me
Will you join me
the crow asleep in this chapel on a weary Thursday

Topic(s) of this poem: heart, knowledge

Form: Prose Poem

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