Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu

Would You Let Me Love You? - Poem by Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu

Love fills my heart
It drops from my mouth
If only I could drop a piece in your mind
I mean…
Would you let me love you?
Oh Yes!
I could really love you but truly
The nature of my love is simple
Why don’t you do this?
Why don’t you stop that?
And in my heart I yearn badly
That you will consider my suggestion
That you will indeed do this
That you will indeed stop that
Would you let me love you?
The world is full of diverse people
But is the Muslim not the one who worships his Creator?
Is he not the Stranger?
The true Muslim
Is he not pulled by the temptation of this Dunya, world?
And of his greatest enemy, Shaitaan?
Is he not tempted by his nafs, self?
Yet he repels them with strength
Strength tapped from his Maker
All he wants
His Lord’s pleasure
In good times
He is grateful to Allah
In bad times
He is most patient
Would you let me love you?
Would you let me tell you the truth?
Even when it annoys you
Even when others lie to you
Just to please you
Would you let me love you?
Would you let me tell you
To turn to Allah before you return to Him?
And if I tell you about His Jannah, Paradise?
That beneath it is an amazingly awesome river
Its inhabitants hear nothing but salaam, peace
Would you believe me and strive for it?
If I told you how you could get in there?
And provided I tell you about His Jahannam, Hell?
Would you be scared like me?
Would you live to strive against it?
Upon it are Angels obeying none but Him
Their Creator and your Creator
Its fuel...
Oh would you let me tell you?
Men and stones
Shall we never want to enter it?
Would you let me love you?
Would you let me stress out to you a fact?
An undeniable fact
Again and again
That I am a human too
That my nafs (self) lures me to evil too
That Shaitaan whispers to me too
That I am faced with temptations too
That I am not perfect
That is a fact
Would you let me love you?
If I let you know something
Something so true yet so difficult to admit
Would you take it in good faith?
Would you ponder upon it?
Would you believe that it is only out of love that I say it?
If that something is that
We all need correction at one time or the other
Whether young or old
Rich or poor
Male or female
Religious or Secular
Whether we are the masters or the servants
Would you nod in agreement?
Would you let me love you
And if I corrected you?
Would you feel offended?
Would you think I am behaving all perfect?
Or would you believe
That it is just because I love you truly?
Even though I was the servant
And you the master?
Even though I was poor
And you wealthy?
Would you let me truly love you?
If I tried to stop you from doing a wrong
With my strength, my speech, my heart
Even when others edge you on
Out of their own ignorance
Out of wrong love for you
Out of fear for of you
Would you take me as an enemy?
Or would you consider me a true friend?
Would you let me love you?
And would you also love me truly?
Would you direct me towards the path of Allah?
Even when I frown at you?
Even when I tell you hurtful words
And treat you like an enemy
Will you stand your ground?
And still save me from myself?
Would you still truly love me?
And would you sincerely let me love you?
Even when I scream at you?

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is what real love to me is all about...

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