*xi*- To Love Poem by Leslie Guylee Cron

*xi*- To Love

What is today?
Is the reason so missing, so miss understood, beyond all of humanity reasoning, void of reality, void of unity,
A ungodly ungracious prurient stillborn society!
Can someone please tell me?
Why hatred is so deep seeded running the very vascular transit of our inter-bodies.
Did I not love you? Did I not care?
Yet you sleep humanity in your drug induce drowsy.
Should I say you're a drudgery to me?
What is left but a tear, a tear true to mankind that empty dense and full of contempt.
A tear that became the blood of many.
Take my hand mankind I've felt your agonizing pains and fears, but yet I still believed!
Lucifer tried to lure me, mankind condemned me.
I was tried and convicted and nail up to die, if only humanity
*Would Try*.
I'm still here looking down upon you if only you would believe.
I've answers many of cries, but yet many still don't even try.
Sitting in their lustful soft cushion chairs!
Believing their saved!
Tell me humanity 'What is a theurgy transfer transitional soul or soulless bound for? '
Or are they merely the same, Please, then humanity tell this one daughter of mankind, why she should care to change at all!
Or what is repentance for?


Saturday, August 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: faith
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