Leslie Guylee Cron Poems

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*xv* - To Love

No one knows why the warm wind blows, verily a soul knows why the warm winds resides in the cold Alaska hemisphere.
Go wind explore the coasts of the Californian shores under the dark moon; into the northern hemisphere, into the blue ice bergs gaps.
From there will flow a steady stream, so sweet, so vicious!
Go green, go green they circulate for the future is forever to remain.


It's hard to change sometimes.
Somethings are easy to let go, others are hard.
You know you need to quit, but you still want it!
Your scared of what you will do.

Never Again

Never again will you hurt me.
Because you lost my trust.
Never again will I believe you,
Because you broke my faith!

* I * - To Love

* Iii*- To Love

Ever seeking, never keeping things that sparkle.
But always wondering, if someday we just might shine.
Little ones full of fun,
bigger ones full of spark!

*iv*- To Love

To be loved you have to Love,
to be forgiven, you have to forgive.
To be help you have to reach out.
To be rejected is being lost.

*v*- To Love

Let me introduce a interminable friend, the name is Winston.
The use is really quiet simple, but not.
The options are unlimited for Winston.
So let us find a snuggery and snuggle up, while I explain Winston to you.

*vi*- To Love

I'm a soft as a Marten and as ready as a Robin.
How can the gypsy in me tame the cold ice waters of the Arctic?
Maybe this marriage of nature and soul really will prove that peace, charity, and love, will remain on earth and last a lifetime.
The greatest of all fortune!

*vii*- To Love

They try to tell me you don't love me, but you do.
You don't know what heaven is like, to me it is like this.
The gates opening are like your arms of steel, and the path
leads only to happiness in your arms.

*viii*- To Love

I will make the most of the penny.
To fill the most hearts I can with joy.
For this is the season, the season with a true meaning.
And place at the top of the tree will be a true star and under the tree will be the greatest gift of all: Love

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