Ryann Holland

Rookie (12-21-1993 / Columbus Ohio)

Yay Yay Yay I Cant Wait - Poem by Ryann Holland

oh my god,
i have been waiting all year,
im finally turning 15,
new phone,
lots of money,
new age,
ima be 15 4 dayz b4 christmas,
yay that means more presents, cake, icecream,
i cant wait,
i wish my birthday would hurry up.
but this year, i hope it dont suck like last year,
because last year my birthday sucked becasue me and my boo murphy broke up the day before my birthday,
and i felt like i was gonna kill myself.
but anyways,
i aint no lil kid no more,
im gettin closer to 18,
which meanz i can do what i want,
more responsibility,
more freedom,
gonna go out and get drunk and party all night,
like im hoolahoopin,
diving and scooping,
gonna dive into the cake,
and cover my face in cream,
but dont be scarred when i scream,
you can come to my party,
just ask for a invatation,
and ill give you one,
want some cake?
you can have some,
yay i cant wait,
santa claus gonna come 4 dayz later,
he gonna fill the tree with toyz,
ima flirt with the boyz,
hoe cash counting,
gettin loose,
you know money aint a thing,
cause im doin my thing, ya digg?
only a couple more days to act silly and immature,
then i get to dropp my pants to the floor,
bend over and let them whoop me with the belt,
something i have wanted to felt,
gotta hurry though, the icecream startin to melt,
lonely like mary jane,
im goin insane,
i cant wait,
why is it taking so long?
come on guyz,
lets do our dance on the floor,
i wanna pop,
you know who the best is,
homie the best maine,
ima big thing,
my bodies rockin,
my phones ringing,
my homies singing,
happy birthday,
gonna go crazy,
wait, lets just be lazy,
but shawty gottas get low,
move her body slow,
make them boyz say wooh,
aint tryna be yo friend,
jus trynas party,
i hope you undertstand,
hips like pow,
azz like wow,
lil shawty bakz it up now,
call me coka cola cuz i shake like a bottle,
got them booty shorts on,
plus my booty kinda phat,
cant none of you handle that,
yay its a minute closer,
come on,
peek a lil closer,
dam its getting closer,
i cant wait,
you tryna v.i.p with me,
ok yall,
you ready to see?
its the queen of rnb,
go ahead,
its time for bed,
a day closer,
i cant wait.

lol i was in the mood and i was 14 wen i wrote this but now im 15, and i will be 16 on december 21st of 09..

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