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Yearn - Poem by colinb bradley

We always follow our hearts & at the end of the day i want to fall inlove with you because of who you are & not just because of your beauty,
Beleave love is easy if both people are prepared to open their hearts & allow each other in to each others heart,
Relationship is equal where prepared to compromise on every thing in our life,
Try to always speak from our hearts,
Dont want to break her heart or have my heart broken,
True love where we would be happy together 24/7,
Hold close to each others heart to beat in rythm as one,
Show her intelligence i think its very attractive in a woman,
We'll dance romantically all night & our hearts will make music,
Hold hands & take long moonlight walks together,
Candlelight dinners under the stars,
Share the love of bush walking, sitting outside of a night looking at the stars & searching for wildlife,
Wake up beside her every morning & spend every second of the day trying to make her feel more loved than the day before,
Run my fingers through your hair,
Make each other smile when we feel sad,
Challenge life's up's & down's,
Her to be the last person i see before i close my eyes each night & the first person i see when i open my eyes,
Pleasure her so i can pleasure her every time we make love were 2 become 1 to be part of her,
To love me as much as i love her so our children will be made from pure love,
Woman that can handle that we probably always struggle financialy,
She can rely on me even though we will struggle financialy she will never be hungry,
I'll always have plenty of food on the table & a roof over our heads,
we'll grow old together forever.
Colin Bradley.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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