Yellow Onion Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Yellow Onion

repetitive kitch(es) .
aeons of habits sowed by seeds ofvattaching desire
pains and sufferings when births enter into human life
mountains of skeletons of connective s in wants and fear
civilization of objects, signs, semiotics, rekational mathemathics, universe of waves, particles, electromagnetive events and gravity into channel of
impermanence, uncertainty, births and rebirths.
what is existence?
what is essence?
what is value?
do they exist?
hows and whys?
open the door but keep the secret of subjective uncovering poem of weakening human mind.
where are your ego's standpoint? ? ? ?
vies of colourful garden of moving-temporary truth condition.
beyond understanding cukture of no culture culture in neo-silence of timeless silkpoems woven by triology of choreographic being in empriness/nothingness/somethingness universe of grinding impermanence.
swallows and swans.
heaven and ocean.
sky and fkow of water.
suddenness of zen drawing as poetry of now and tempirary liberation from gazing guests in ciculation of circles.
wheeling bees.
trees of life on breath of light years.

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