Yes, A Dream Untold...

Thinking of you,
often reminds me of a memory.
where flowers flew,
and stars were scenery,
where sea was sky
and sky slept under my feet,
where love was pen,
and life was a sheet.

I fail to remember
what that memory was,
a dream so true
or a phase before loss.

a phase please be,
but don't let grief around.
a scene please be
but don't end like a sound.

it's a dream i know,
can't be any other,
because i am in love
and that too with a lover.

but sleep don't go
and sun don't come yet.
i'm still in the fantasy world
where my destiny is set.

To love a lover,
is not so easy.
he might love you more
and give you a daisy.
but, when it comes to you,
to communicate, and express,
your eyes are wet
with even more glee to dress.

by now i guess,
i know what the memory was.
it was neither a dream,
nor a phase of loss.
it was the heaven i found,
in every 'good morning' from my boy.
it was a palace of love,
where there was tears of joy.

and Oh! stupid me!
why are there was's and where's?
I'm living in the dream
and it's reality's most amazing curse!