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Fading Away

The fact that i'm going to die,
is killing me inside,
it hurts me every moment,
when i think about it.

Life Reflects But Destiny Rejects

It's like a mirror kept across,
if only life could be seen,
it's like someone's playing cross,
who is so interested and keen...

Bye Bye Dear Ma'Am


Our class of Shakespeare
Became a must

Yes, A Dream Untold...

Thinking of you,
often reminds me of a memory.
where flowers flew,
and stars were scenery,

My Heart Would Love.

If you could care
just a little
and give me a shoulder
and a warm hug.

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i love to write poems, it's my passion. whenever i'm feeling very happy, sad, excited, lonely or irritated with so many problems, i either write poems or listen to music. it's only music to me ears. what i need-when i'm bored or stuff- is a place to couch in, a paper, a pen and my ipod fully updated! ! ! ! !

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