EmmaPassions Iruoghene Emesakoru

Yolo Yodo - Poem by EmmaPassions Iruoghene Emesakoru

(Words by EmmaPassions Emesakoru)

When it seems as though the battle is frustratingly tough and you may even lose,
Remember it isn't over until it is over and you can always win only if you choose.
When nothing seems to be going right and you feel like you're passing through hell,
If it won't kill you, it can only make you stronger; don't you dare throw in the towel.
Say YOLO YODO: You only live once; you only die once, fight with all your breath.
As long as a galaxy of stars light up the evening skies nothing is impossible on earth.

Life isn't always a bed of roses and getting through each day isn't a walk in the park,
Yet never ever forget that the most catastrophic wildfires were kindled by a spark.
The thought of failing shouldn't stop you from trying, as that's the first vital step to winning.
Even a toddler knows there's the 'sitting, crawling, standing, and falling phase' before walking.
Keep your head up my dear, say YOLO YODO, miracles are obstacles turned inside-out,
impossible is spelled 'I'm possible'; you shouldn't sink in your bottomless sea of doubt.

No mountain is insuperable; remember diminutive David ignored Goliath's gigantic size,
If you quit now, you'll never discover how super close you really were to clinching your prize.
I know you'd rather sigh than smile, but remember if there's no pain, you can't have gain,
Every disappointment is a delayed appointment, so don't let the process drive you insane.
Knowing nothing good comes easy and that there's no shortcut to true greatness, persevere.
It may be jagged and difficult right now, yet a path with no obstacle probably leads nowhere.

The journey may be seemingly endless, wearisome and your destination may not be certain,
Still never say never, the rainbow will always appear in the distant horizon after the torrential rain.
At the end of the tunnel is a brilliant blinding brightness that reveals this world is truly your oyster.
No matter how hard it gets, no matter how wrecked you feel inside, it can only get better.
When it seems like the world is thrust upon your shoulders and there isn't much you can do,
Don't give up my friend, find the champ in you, smile and say to yourself, 'YOLO YODO'.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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