Juan Paulo Mendoza

You - Poem by Juan Paulo Mendoza

We met on a sunday
A chat on the beach
A spray of sand
The evening was sweet

Four months past by
You said I was your best
The best of friends
That you have ever met

That point I fell
I fell from a pool
My clothes still dry
But my heart was cool

Christmas were together
From morning till night
I gave you my present
A pleasant goodbye

Goodbye to our past
Hello dear present
The pressence of love
For my dearest You

I told you what I feel
But then you turned
That back of hatred
Made my heart so burned

It took most months
For me to get my strength
Woe me my You
Where was those times we spent

I gave you my poem
A very sad goodbye
You said please don't leave
I still need you in my life

My eyes went open
My heart pumping clean
Then a voice I hear
We will just be friends

At frist was annoying
But still have to choose
My deep passion for love
Or my friendship for You

The sky gave a sign
It said be friends
For the day will come
That love will attend

Weeks past by
I agreed upon her
Let's just be friends
My dearest You

Till now were happy
Happy singing birds
Later be eagles
Under the sun's pure burst

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 12, 2012

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