You Poem by Valarie Paterson


Rating: 5.0

So cold and mean at times
With a brutal fist
And dagger words
Many fear

Then you go and light my passion
And I remember why I still strive for you
You make me so happy

Scared many are for me
Because of my unhealthy passion for you
They fear you'll hurt me

They dont understand though
You have hurt me a hundred times before
Jabbed me in the heart
With your sharp words

And they wonder why I still care for you
When you depress and hurt me so
I myself am not sure sometimes

But when I see your smile
See your shinning eyes
Hear your voice
It all becomes clear to me

I can't quite explain it
Seeing you just makes me happy
Full of life
But that moment
Is it really worth it?

I cry in the middle of the night
Because you say you don't love me
I feel as if dying would be a pleasure
Because you don't care for me

I still believe though
Somewhere inside
You love me too
And I know you know that

So I ask why do you deny it
When everyone already knows it
And when you know
That I love you too

Is it because your embarrassed?
Because others will laugh?

I just want to know
I need to know
Do you really love me?
Or is it just a fantasy?

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