You Have Lied To Me All Along, You Liar! Poem by Kimberly Santistevan

You Have Lied To Me All Along, You Liar!

Rating: 4.5

You call me today
Saying that you’re not going to talk to me for a while.

I asked why,
You simply replied that I have someone else
And that you met one of your “old friends”.

I then realized that
You found a new girl to sweet-talk.

Believe me, I am happy that I won’t hear from you
But I have been wondering that question
Have you been lying to me all along?

You told me that you loved me the past two weeks
And now you don’t want to get between my boyfriend and me?

What really stopped you?
Did you ever care about me the way you told me?
Was it just a big life so you could win my heart
Over and used me like I’m nothing?

I don’t need you anymore; I’m tired of listening to you lies.
Always listening to your fake thoughts about me.
Trying to make me feel special to you.
Saying, “I love you and I’ll never hurt you again”.
Hearing that weak line every five minutes.

I actually thought of all the things you have told me
But right now
I really want you to leave
Me bee, I love him
I will never begin to love you again.

sonreir 21 June 2022

It pains my heart

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