Kimberly Santistevan Poems

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A Girl Like Me

A girl like me will make your world better
A girl like me will make you happy
A girl like me will make you smile everyday.

Me And You; You And Me

I know we are meant to be
You know I am perfect for you
And I know you are perfect for me.

Broken, Confused, And Hurt

The words can not explain what I feel
But I am broken inside.

I knew something would go wrong


Moms are very special,
They are there to tell you to do your homework.
They give you your lunch because you forgot it.

You'Re The Man I Love

You're the man I trust with all my heart.
You're the man that I'll love forever.
You're the man I am always thinking of.
You're the man I've been searching for.

I’ll Always Love You No Matter What

I have thought about you everyday
If I can’t talk to you I don’t know what to say.

You have showed me a love I never thought I could see or feel

If Tomorrow Doesn’t Come, Please Remember

If tomorrow doesn’t come
Please forget all the fights
But please remember my face.

Everything You Don’t Know About Me

My mind is lost
My heart is lost
My body is lost
My spirit is lost

You Have Lied To Me All Along, You Liar!

You call me today
Saying that you’re not going to talk to me for a while.

I asked why,

Lost And Confused

I don't know what to do anymore
I try and try to make people happy.

They don't seem to realize that they have me

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