You Hurt Me Poem by kalista mccart

You Hurt Me

you think that one sorry can make things better
you think that guilt can make things better
you think that years of not talking to me can be fixed by one sorry
i'm your daughter your sopostoo love me
your soposto care about me
and love me
but i don't love you any more
you wasted my time with empty promises
like i want to be there for you
i want to have a real life with you
i can and never will forgive you for ignoring me for four years
you are the worst fauther ever
you tryed to kill me when i was it my mothers stomach
you beat me
and your stupid wife locked me in my room for a day without anything
you said you loved me
i dont believe you
you wrecked my life now stay out for good

Nangula Immanuel 23 May 2009

wow! no thats deep! ! I know how it feels to hate someone so much that you think you could never forgive them. I know how it feels to be hurt by someone you loved so dearly, someone you looked up to. I know it's hard to let go, to forgive. but i also know how it feels to be so angry at someone that you feel empty, to have them(their actions) subconsciously dictate your life. To always be angry, to have tthis anger and hatred weighing heavily on your heart. That sucks even more! ! ! You don't have to do it on your own, you can't do it on your own. God will help you, He will lighten your load. But you have to turn to Him, you have to ask Him. Then hopefully one day you will be able to say what i can now say, I know how it feels to be free, how it feels to know that God forgives me for my sins and that i am free. I am free to be who i want to be. No-one can stop me, for when God is with me, who can be against me! If ever you want to talk, you can send me a message. And if you don't believe in God, that's ok, we can just talk. I won't bring Christianity into it. All the best Kalista! Nangula.

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Dislocated Heart 28 January 2009

.........I hope your alright..... take care..

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<font color=black>Nagourta 28 January 2009

'Canada is burning.' -Nagourta

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