Kellyn, A Grau

Rookie (04/24/1987)

You Never Know How Much You Love Something Until Its Gone - Poem by Kellyn, A Grau

I told him not to go that he would only fall
the tears poured from his eyes as he begged me not to call
I wanted to embrace him and be the one to catch him if he fell
but he was the only one who could ever tell
My arms have wrapped around him and i stair into his eyes
He pushes me away and he's breaking of the ties
My eyes pled with mercy as he stabs away my heart
my hands become tainted with the pain that's tearing me apart
I'm pulling my self closer and then my hands are clasped
Upon his shacking ankles when he see I'm trying not to gasp
the blood is pouring from me as i reach for him and cry
he pushes me towards the ground and feeds me all his lies
How could you do this? why didn't i see clearly
was i lost with in my self did you just give me misery
So now I'm choking on my blood and yet you still will mock
I guess its funny how you know I'm shacking from the shock
so walk away with out me, come on spit upon my grave
cause all i ever wanted was for you to come and save
My visions growing darker and i cannot hear a sound
the silence will take over me and then the dark will bound
Into my soul and take me away into the darkest night
You laugh as if this is nothing to you and you show no signs of fright
did you ever really love me or was i just to blind
cause all you ever seemed to give me and pain and betrayal combined
so with my last dyeing breath I'll tell you that i hate you
I'll fall from you like i warned you and theirs nothing you can do
I'm gone so whip away your tears once you see what you've done
but the finny thing is now you see how much you loved me a little too late

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