You Should(Nt) Poem by jasmine ellis

You Should(Nt)

you should be mad
real mad
that you have someone that really cares about you
you should be sad
oh so sad
that you have a person who is in love with you
you should be outraged
by how many times she ask about you
how may times she thinks just how lucky she is to have you
you should be fed up by how much she thinks about you
i dont see how you do it
how can you stand when someone wants to follow you around like a puppy dog
when someone thinks that they have the kep to your heart in this happy home called a soul
you keep it up
being mad and what not
she loves you
but who cares, you know what its about
its about cheatin on her
breaking her fragile heart
a heart she doesnt have
a organ that has gone bad
its a dark hole
never ending
waiting for its anger to unfold
it wants no beginning
its about backstabbing
and hurting
laughin at her
she starts to feel discouraged
you should be sick of her
the way she smiles at you
likes you
loves you
needs you
breathes you
you should hate her
for caring so much
you shouldnt give a duck
about what she thinks
about you
shouldnt care
she only comes to school for you
and when your not there
she cries because she misses you
your smile
your style
your laugh
a real love she never had
is what she thinks this is
you should hate her because she makes everything about you her business
you shouldnt care
that she stares
out of fear of losing you
you shouldnt stand the way she behaves when she just looks at you
you shouldnt take no much more of her actually loving you

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