jasmine ellis Poems

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Un Rel Ated

i know we all have to leave
we all have to die
i say it over and over
in my head

I, The Morning

i wak up every morning
feeling something empty inside
i tried to hide the sadness i behold
im being bold

It's Good

seeing things that are not there
hearing things with sounds you cant bare
holding something whose hands are frozen
saying words that you hadnt chose to be spoken

My First

They say you never get over your first
theyre right
im not, dont think i ever will because
that was different

All Wrote Out

no more words
not no more pain
more pain
more games

Just Maybe

maybe she loves the way you walk right pass her without saying a word
maybe, just maybe she loves the way it hurts
she loves the agony the pain
she has gained

You Should(Nt)

you should be mad
real mad
that you have someone that really cares about you
you should be sad

The Fear Of Fear

There is a saying
'Dont Fear Anything But Fear Itself'
But that has no affect
on someone who rejects

A Good While

its goin be a good while
cuz chile........
how could u do this
you must have missed

Go Away

why cant you just leave me alone
let me be
dont even call my cell phone
there is no more you and me