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You'Ve Seen Me - Poem by Jo Hanna Erk

You've Seen Me
by: Jo E

You see me but all you see if from the outside
You've seen how im dressed
You've seen how i act around my friends
You've seen me dance
You've heard me sing
You've seen my grades
You've seen me doing sports
You've seen me join in clubs in school
You've seen me ask for help

But can you see my heart
my longings
my pain
my shame
my selfishness
my thoughts

Do you know who i am
Do you know to whom i belong
Do you know me
Do you love me
Do you care
Do you see me
Do you ever wonder what i think

Can someone tell me what im thinking?
Can someone tell me why im sinking?
Can anyone hear me?
Can you decide for me?
Can you tell me whats in my heart?

No, only i can
wait im not the only one who knows
my heart, thoughts, and actions

What dose he think of me?
Can i give him an excuse for my actions?
Can i blame someone for what's in my heart?
Can i point at someone else for my thoughts?

‘My beloved I can see you from inside and out.'
‘I love you my beloved! '
‘I care for you more then you know'
‘I can see you, and you are BEAUTIFUL! '
‘I already know what your going to think or say'
‘You are my daughter/son'
‘Your sinking because you NEED me my Beloved'
‘I can hear you scream and yell out to me, I hear you my beloved'
‘No one will decide for you, but you will decide for yourself'
‘Tell me something my Beloved'
‘Do you love me? '

Do I love him?
Oh yes more then I love anyone in this world

‘Then don't think of what people think you, Think of me and say to yourself that you are beautiful in my sight'
‘My beloved all I want is to Love You'

‘Will you let me Love you? '

I've seen everything
You've seen me bleed for you my beloved
You've seen me Die for you
You've seen me heal people

You've seen me beloved!

© 2009

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