Jo Hanna Erk

Loneliness - Poem by Jo Hanna Erk

By: Jo E

Loneliness is not pretty, neither is it good.
Loneliness is something we get hurt, or think where not pretty enough, or good enough. No one want to be lonely.
Loneliness will always be there, thought pain, hurt, sorrow, trouble times. But loneliness is always there when no one is there for u. Take a friend my ur side and tell her ur feelings, thoughts, emotions, it helps get rid of loneliness. And it will help ur friends understand u more. You cant be lonely all the time, it will kill you, it will make trouble for u relationships that u have in ur life, take someone my the hand and say 'do u now how it feels to be left out in the dark not knowing what will happen? ' if that person now, tell he/she that u need someone to talk too. No one likes being lonely, nor is it fun. I now this feeling, it gave me trouble with my relationships with my good friends, and some people i was getting to now. Loneliness cuts deep in our hearts, its seem like it will not heal. If you don't start sharing with ur friends, it will cut much deep then u wanted it to be. Loneliness is something we sometimes hide from someone, or dont want to put others right in the middle.
We live with loneliness, but we can alway share with friends, family, and people and it will help more then u think.


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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poem Edited: Thursday, October 4, 2012

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