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Your Baby.... Crystal June - Poem by Crystal Castro

Here I am as an infant
In nine-teen eighty three
So careless and free
Once a tiny baby
A bundle of joy in your arms
So cute and cuddly
I could never cause any harm.

Here I am at the age of two
Just figuring out wrong from right
Toddling around everywhere
Never letting me out of your sight
Still so tiny,
Still so careless and free
Still so innocent
Its almost hard to believe

That this is me at the age of five
Starting school to begin a future of my own
Learning more responsibilities
Acting as if I was grown
Finally getting bigger
So careless and free
Still so innocent
Still learning new things

Here I am eight years old
Your growing little girl
I dont mean to do anything wrong
But I have heard its not a prefect world
A little less careless and free
Still so innocent
My younger years are becoming distant memories

At the age of twelve
Having to now, some what, use my berter judgment
Having to rise up above both of your expectations
Doing everything and beyond, of what I'm being told
This is me, on my way
Not at all careless, still a wee bit free
Realizing my new innocence
In my future, I shall believe

Fifteen years old now, just made it through middle school
Putting some life goals to a major start
My dreams of becoming a veterinary technician
Is laying real close to my heart
Starting to learn to live for myself
Not to careless, feeling a little free
Losing my 'childhood' innocence
Becoming the young lady you both had hoped I would be

Eighteen years old now, legally an adult
Having to put my lifes goals on hold
Because I had just had my first baby
Becoming some ones mommy
Never careless, no time to be free
Caring for another gleam of innocence
But I am content and every so happy

Here we go, twenty one years of age
A housewife and a mommy to the best two kids in the world
A mothers greatest gift, one boy and one girl
But behind closed doors
Not at all careless but, like a prisoner, no longer free
My surrounding walls move in closer
And its getting very hard to breathe

At the age of twenty fivea
I am no loner married, no longer a house wife
I still have duties as a mother
My next few living years, only get harder
But from what i hear, that's life
Becoming bitterbitter from all of my endured pain
Very careless, wanting still, to be free
I have completely lost my innocence
And believe me, it dont make me happy

This is me at thirty years old
June ninth two thousand thirteen
I'm sorry if you're not happywith the way I live
I'm sorry I an not, who you had hoped I would be
Trying so hard to better myself because
I want to care again, I want to be free
Even though I may not have my 'childhood' innocence
At the end of every day, in the back of my mind
I will always be your baby

In your eyes, I'm pretty sure I'm still
The last baby girl to call your own
Looking back through this all, knowing what you do know
Its hard to believe I am FINALLY grown
I may not be going fast enough through life
And I'm sure I will get there soon
And whether youare content with who I am or not,
This its me,
Your daughter,

Crystal June.......

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a poem to both of my parents. In this current two months i will face yet another milestone age....the age of thirty. They asked for this...its been seven years in the making...finally done just in time for me THEIR BABY TO TURN THIRTY

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