Kala Cain

Your Home - Poem by Kala Cain

Walk deeper into the darkness, follow the trail of bread crumbs in till they slowly fade away into the dark mist that you approach. Breath in the air as it sticks onto your lungs like glue.
Stop in the middle of the forest and close your eyes and listen to the sounds from the trees and listen to the voices around, what do you hear? What are they saying as they whisper in your ear.
Feel the chills run throughout your body as the ice cold wind hits your face.
What was that noise in the distance? You begin to panic and run deeper into the woods, the moon following you close behind lighting your path to serenity.
Whats happening? It's starting to get dark, as you look up you see the clouds rolling in covering the moons light. Thunder starts to roar loudly like a lion claiming its kill, you start to pant as you run faster trying to keep up with the wind.
The rain starts to pour down hitting your face, causing your vision to blur as the thunder roars louder and louder.
You hear a voice.'RUN LITTLE GIRL RUN! ! RUN HOMEEE! ! ! '
You let out a cry, you feel like the whole world is spinning around, you look up and scream up at the sky. 'STOP THIS INSANITY, I BEG OF YOU! ! ! '
You fall to your knees, they sink into the mud. You hold your head between your knees rocking back and fourth trying to make the voices stop. you quietly pray to yourself and instantly it goes quiet! ...
you open your eyes looking down at the ground, then suddenly you hear a voice in your ear.
'God can't save your precious little soul, you are ours to keep and will forever be in our grasp. You will never be able to escape our grip, we will feed on you int till there's nothing left but the pathetic clothes on your back. I can promise you, you will enjoy every inch that penetrates your innocence, and this will be all that you will know, think, smell, taste, hear, and even breath.
You will obsess over the thought.
You will adore the smell.
You will crave the taste.
And it will be all you want to hear and breath.
This is bliss my beauty, you want to go home? This is your home. We are your home.
We are your everything, so knock knock my child let us in.

Topic(s) of this poem: evil

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 31, 2014

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