Lee Archer

Your Own Beat - Poem by Lee Archer

If you suffer from a lack of expression
Will you end up with depression?
If you keep your feelings deep inside
How can you find someone to confide

If you can't be yourself
Who are you?
If you can't find yourself
Where are you?

If you feel invisible, and unheard
This can be a lonely world
If you feel like you don't fit in
Then a lonely journey this has been

With walls of steel around your soul
How can you let someone in?
With walls of stone around your heart
How can you let someone out?

It may feel safe to know your pain
It may feel safe to know it always rains
It may feel safe to know what tomorrow brings
It may feel safe to know for you the birds don't sing

You can play it safe and carry on
Or change your beat and change your song
There is a whole new future waiting
Just not while your procrastinating

The choice is your alone to make
Opportunities are there to take
The choice is yours to decide
If you want a safe journey, or a hell of a ride

Personally I'll take the latter
What people think does not matter
What you'll find with a leap of faith
Is you'll end up in a brand new place

With defences down around your heart
You'll find this is a brand new start
With defences down around your soul
You'll find you have a brand new role

The world has a place for you
You are who you are
The world saved a place for you
You are your own star

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 17, 2012

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