Zorro Poem by Bill Simmons


Rating: 3.4

This is the story of old Mexico
Long ago in Nogalez town
About a young farm boy, while riding his burro
He could see something that was in the ground

He climed off his burror and started to dig
He could tell it was something round
All wraped in burlap was a wonderful sword
A sword like no other he found

He took it home and he played every day
With this wonderful blade of steel
Ten years later when he was a young man
He was really quite good with his skill

He never did tell his mom not his dad
About the beautiful blade he had found
He kept it hidden by wearing a cape
He kept it hidden while going to town

One day some outlaws they came in to town
The bad hombres they were there to steal
Shouting and shooting til one pushed him down
The young man arose with his steel

He fought them off, He beat every one
They were no match for his blade
On the seat of ones pants as he was trying to leave
He carved a big Z they say

As they started to run he said to them all
I'm Zorro, don't ever come back
This made him legend, the whole town they loved him
This man on a burros back

This handsome young man, this gave him his fame
And the ladies they all wanted him
To the one who carved Z in the seat of ones pants
Senoritas they all adored him

Well Zorro became quite a ladies man
He loved all, never just one
And the strength of his sword, He need more than that
Poor Zorro, He only just one

As legends have it and as storys go
If senorita was ever in need
He'd come to her rescue on a raging black stallion
Not a burro as he did indeed

Through all these years all Mexico know him
If you don't believe just ask
He be the one they all talk about
He carved a Z in the seat of ones pants.

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