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The mighty oak I see outside
It's roots are deep and long

Woman, Oh woman
Why do you make me feel
Every time I'm near you
My heads a spinning wheel

What ever happened to the husband and wife
What ever happened to love
What ever happened to the dreams they thought right
That they both thought so much of

This thing that they call love
That so many are in search of
What some they may find and some lose in time
Only the lonely dream of

They say a bird, If you set it free
If it returns to you, It is yours to keep

But if you hold a bird and then set it free

He climbs up on his tracter
Starts up his henry ford
Mows some in his pasture
For a while til he gets bored

The heart it suffers losses
For every single tear
Sometimes when it is lonely
Or feels a heartache near

I don't remember this part at all
It was love, honor and cherish, I recall
For days and days on end
The fighting never ends

Red, red rose, she blew her breath
Fingers, it’s stem she caressed
Then she closed her eyes and breathed the fragrance in
Tell me red, red rose, where does love end

Starlight and moonbeams and dew drops on flowers gleam
That beckon to the Fairy’s touch
Grasshoppers, crickets, they sing their songs
In the night to the one that they love

Morning star from where you are
Can you see my tiny heart
From so many
Can you see the only me

As the silence fell, the birds began to sing
The soldier tries to stand on his own
As the blood trickles down his arm he looks and he see's
As he stands, he finds he's all alone

Here in this valley
I do stand
As I do, I look around me
I see the green grasses and flowers in bloom

Harvest moon, Shining overhead tonight
Guiding my way, shining so bright
Once I knew her love, together we shared your light
But that was before, these tears in my eyes

As he thought to himself about it,
He told his heart
Not to believe what was inside,
When he was through

Your puppy licked my hand today
He doesn't know that you are gone
I reached down, he came to me
He ran right into my arms

In the light of the night
The stars out tonight set the mood
I can see her as she stands before me
Beneath the moon

Today I stand here all alone in the Misty Rain
Contemplating where it is I went wrong again
And as I stand here all alone I realize on my own
Tears that fall aren't hidden at all in the Misty Rain

I counted all the petals
Of a rose today
Loves me, loves me not
I was let down

With his finger on the trigger
He pulled the hammer down
He waited for the orders
From the Colonel to come around

Bill Simmons Biography

Also known as BillWilliamStar. Born in Dallas and raised in his early years on a farm in Athens, Texas. Through all his teenage years he lived in Balch Springs within the Dallas area. A horseman, a cowboy, and at one time tried his hand as a country singer. Due to a heartbreak in his life he would never sing again, however, he continued to write the songs. As the years went along he grew a tremendous collection of his work never persuing publication for any. At the age of fifty he decided to do something with his work and introduced himself to the world as BillWilliamStar. As a result of this his work is fast becoming published and as well his name as an author. Books soon to be released: When Cannons Fire...The story of a young boy abducted by pirates The Kingdom...The story of a dragon slayer and his sword)

The Best Poem Of Bill Simmons

Lonesome Heart

The mighty oak I see outside
It's roots are deep and long
It will live a hundred years
And bend when winds are strong

I sometimes feel I can't go on
Losing you is hurting me
I sometimes wish late at night
I had the strength of that old tree

The days my friends they stand by me
They tend to help me through
But then at night when darkness falls
Again I'm missing you

I try to fight but strength won't come
Soon I fall apart
Then the tears fall like rain
So alone is a lonesome heart

I sometimes wish I had the strength
To pick up and move along
But memories that I have with you
Streaches the nights so long

I sometimes wish I had the strength
So I would not fall apart
Missing you is against my will
So alone is a lonesome heart.

Bill Simmons Comments

Bill Simmons 31 July 2005

Comments about authors work: Remember Me: Rating: Excellent wow, this is an absolutely touching poem! i have a friend who was killed in this war, and i know he'd have loved this poem. i don't see many poems about the military, and this just touched me in a way i can't explain. thank you, god bless you, and keep writing! ! Blowing in The Breeze: Rating: Excellent Beautiful, and so true! ! ! ! ..Joy Remember Me: Rating: Excellent Nicely done Silver Streams....BillWilliamStar: Rating: Excellent Good poem Soldier Coming Home: Rating: Excellent Wonderful sentiment and emotion shown in your poem... Hope all is going well for you A Heart's Lie: Rating: Excellent very good Mean Senorita..(Humor) ..BillWilliamStar: Rating: Excellent Glad you took the leap of faith after all these years. I just shared this poem with my husband. After he stopped laughing he wanted to extend his sympathy! He claims to understand your plight! : D keep 'em comin'! The Mermaid: Rating: Excellent A BEAUTIFUL Poem! ! The Tin Heart..........(BillWilliamStar: Rating: Excellent I absolutely loved this one! I could feel your pain like a river running thru it. Excellent rhyming verse. Lonesome And I..........(BillWilliamStar) : Rating: Excellent I really like this Bill. It sounds like a good candidate for a song..ever considered that? I Never Will (True Story) : Rating: Excellent THIS IS SO DEEP AND REAL. I WAS TOUCHED WITH SUCH EMOTIONS Before There Was You: Rating: Excellent THE REALIZATION OF MANY The Husband And Wife (A Song) : Rating: Excellent Loved this it used to be the way it was about love The Trojan Heart: Rating: Excellent Love this piece of writing very well worded indeed! .. Thank you Woman's Heart: An excellent write with good imagey. Keep up the good work The Leprechaun Tree (A childrens Book) : nice one but too long Once upon A Time: Once upon a time, to me, seems like such a long time ago. In Your Shadow: good work Let Me Know (A Song) : LOL> wow. let me tell you it made me think of my bestfriend who betrayed my trust. its something i would give to her. excellenct job! The Pig And The Turkey (A Story, Humor) : Laughed my ###! off. Hope I can say that! My Wife: Beautiful and inspiring. Another wonderful write. Keep it up! The Mermaid: Loved it I could imagine her in her watery wonderland. Great job Once upon A Time: Rating: Excellent this brought tears to my eyes keep up the good work i will surely keep reading The Devil: The devil ain't such a bad guy if you're like me and don't believe in an actual devil, just devilish people. Soft As Rose Petals: Such a sweet poem, I get the image of pink rose petals in my head when I read this. For A Day: This is a nice lil poem. Good. For A Day: cute! Lonesome Heart: nice write Have you Wondered: Rating: Excellent A CHERISHASBLE ONE The Easter Bunny: Rating: Excellent THIS POEM IS SO VERY CUTE: *) I Never Will (True Story) : Rating: Excellent TIGHT Clear Still Night: Rating: Excellent ANOTHER GOOD ONE I Do Wonder: Rating: Excellent BEAUTIFUL IT MADE ME CRY TEARS OF JOY: *) Zorro (A Story) : Awwwwww, Great write...Written so well.. Be blessed, Betty The Mermaid: cool poem Here I am again: You're such a romantic in your writes. Great job Lonesome Heart: very meaningful and creative write. Thanks for sharing your talent Zorro (A Story) : After reading this story It has come to mind I have been on your site because this story is familiar because I read this before. and you know I will read more you were one of many excellent writers on the site Soft As Rose Petals: Wonderful well expressed write. This have so much meaning and perception from each source one being you. very descriptive and enjoyable write.Your introduction was so lively I could feel The Ugly Tree: Excellent. Great write. I love this poem. I need to let my granddaughter see it. Ice On the Water: very nicely written, thanks for sharing. Soldier Coming Home: wow, very nice. I like this poem a lot The Easter Bunny: Rating: Excellent very good The Old Farmer: Bill, That is so beautiful! You have such beautiful words that comes from your heart! Thanks for sharing them with all of us. The Pig And The Turkey: (A Story, Humor) : Rating: Excellent Bill, Excellent poem! ; -) That is well written and funny! ; -) It reminds me when I was growing up in Maine and our big pig got loose and chased me and my sister up on top of the out house! Boy did he do some damamge in the potato fields, and our pride! ; -) Keep writing, I have just begun to read! ; -) Love, Life, Laughter and Peace Deception Of The Heart: Can I relate to this poem! :) We do share a similarity in writing. Great write... Hawian Blue Skies: Rating: Excellent Aloha from Hawaii! You have captured what its like to be lonely in paradise... Notes to the Author: From: Northern Ireland, I stumbled across your site tonight and i'm glad i did. its the best site i have seen so far, the work is so fresh and fun and some of it is also deep and sincere.100% brilliant. From: Florence, USA, I Have A Dream And I like your writes too Bill keep up the great work too. From: Australia, Hi There you write so well. Very impressive! The important thing is you are doing what you enjoy! From: Honolulu, USA, I've enjoyed your site and look forward to reading more... You are very talented! Keep up the good work :) From: A Student, Dear Mr. Star My name is **** ***** I'm 16 years old and I'm a student of Laramie Senior High School. For our poetry class we were asked to find a poem memorize it and give a presentation on the author of your poem. That's when i came across your poem entitled 'The Alamo' I instantly knew that this was the poem i wanted to do. I then had to find some backround on the author, and i looked for you but i couldn't find enough so i was wandering if before this monday May 2 if you coud send me an e mail that contains your life story for the class. Thanks for your time

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dissatified exmember 30 January 2005

Bill you are very much the song writer. It comes through in your work. Have you made a CD?

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dissatified exmember 30 January 2005

Bill you are very much the song writer. It come through in your work. Have you made a CD?

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. . 21 November 2004

You should really be writing children's stories. You are a very creative storyteller. I would never want to be the woman who has to say to you 'Tell me the truth.' LOL ;)

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