~ Enigmatic Navel ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Enigmatic Navel ~

Rating: 4.4

Ms. Nivedita.

Why cave navel?
Navigate I’ll
Keep not enigmatic.

Your enigmatic navel
A makeshift
From mother fixation
Of neonatehood
To fiancée fixation
Of younghood
Is my visual cuddle.

Put on low waist jeans
Tattoo butterfly around
Decor with diamond
Navel ring jocund.

Silhouette sable.

A romantic trespass
To unravel marvel
Of ballet ruffle.

With glib
Glide gait
Will titrate
Alchemy in
Unfolding of
Petals’ rouleau,
A smiling rose bud
On your enigmatic navel!

Coalescing sweat beads
In vermillion of setting sun
Psychedelic color play
In sparkling diamond
Butterflies zoom out
Heart sweetening
Dance on arc of rainbow
Voluptuously flummox me.

My tryst
Your enigmatic navel,
My noetic ride in
Ebullient tunnel!

In sensuous navel
Bedeck floral travel
Babble twaddle tattle
Oho hoo-oo oho hoo-oo
Why not join you too?

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Braja K Sarkar 24 October 2009

Your distinct style of usuing words in a poem, use of metaphor etc certainly will identity you as a poet of new era, dear Niv. I like this poem.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 24 October 2009

I loved your sweet distinct voice! Fine diction here! well done!

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Siddharth Singh 24 October 2009

Distinctively different in content as well as the execution, Almost all your poems, boasts of a streak of modernism in them. Very nice.

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Ravi Sathasivam 23 October 2009

A beautiful poem. Creation is indeed great. Well penned. Enjoyed reading it Thanks for sharing with me

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Winnie Angel 23 October 2009

A new style and a new write on navel...its a wonderful piece in itself..loved it..Winnie

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Suresh Kumar Ek 14 September 2020

psychadelic show of colourful images

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Vipins Puthooran 03 December 2011

In thine poems words are danc'n! Beautiful poem like a beauideal butterfly! ! ! !

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Aminath Neena Haneef 17 April 2011

Very sensual and lovely

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Kevin Carney 06 September 2010

Super, I agree the visuals are fantastic. Loved reading this.

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Will Althen 03 August 2010

Nice word use not really my kind of thing though

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