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Poets, composers and writers we are
Looking to convey happiness and perhaps scars

From hope to love and death and sorrow

I want his hands on my body
Holding me down rough


</>Today I see beauty
Wherever I look
Today is the day
I read my favourite book


You should touch me more
Bringing my face to yours


My hearts on your table
I'm lying here unstable

I made a lovely mistake today!
I contacted him
I contacted him
Because I felt low

You let me see what you wanted me to see
Your hopes, your love, your life
When all along you hid your trueself
The anger, hurt and pride

So I, d book my ticket and wear something light
You'd pick me up and think wow what a sight!

We'd drive around for a while

A hug is what Im sending you
I'm holding you close so don't you move
It's warm and tender and loving too
This hug has been built in mind for you


Iced over
I'm too sober


Broken, he found me lying there
He cleaned and fed me and took me upstairs
He lay me down and covered my scars
I felt free for there were no bars

The lonesome flower
Sits n waits
He Has no mates


Stop, I shout
At the venom you spout

This rose has been plucked from its place
It now stands where it's master hastes

It travels by its masters side


I can hear the silence and its null ness
It speaks to me

Constant, cool and uninviting it beckons me to join

You have taken my sleep my sweet
With thoughts of yesterday

You have taken my sleep my sweet

My cracked ceiling way up high
I see it here as I lie
It moves not and is white in color
This ceiling though is full of honour

I visited Stratford-Upon-Avon one sunny day
I Saw the beauty of the swans and an old Shakespearian play
Statues and churches with stories to be told
I listened intently to learn about history 400 years old


Feelings of sadness and sorrow
Does anyone have a little happiness I can borrow?
A ray of light here and a smile there someone to hold me and
show that they care

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Who We Are

Poets, composers and writers we are
Looking to convey happiness and perhaps scars

From hope to love and death and sorrow
Expressive lines filled with feelings of tomorrow

Some may be long
And others short
Some may even contain our deepest thoughts

Therapeutic and knowledgeable
And some worrying too
Our verses can also uplift the most saddest of moods

Inspired words as well as our own notes
Sometimes with or without double quotes

Eagerly penning our lives away
Sometimes to feel and sometimes to keep those monsters at bay

Exhilarating, freedom, the release of pressure
Making us feel new or sometimes fresher

Love for words and thoughts equally
Some of us are novices and others literarys 

Imaginative and creative is what we are
Aiming to reach the faintest of stars

Lyrical, rhythmic and sometimes wordy
Our heartbeats race as we become sturdy

Promoting our poems through lists and sites
Making good friends with critics who help us to seek new heights

Poets, composers we are and writers we are
appreciating others for their talent by far!

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