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Poonthanam was a famous devotee of Guruvayurappan, who lived in Keezhattoor in (Malappuram district), Kerala, India. He was a famous devotee of Lord Krishna (Guruvayurappan). He is remembered for his masterpiece, Jnanappana which means 'the song of wisdom' in Malayalam. Poonthanam was the family name, his personal name is not known.

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A.S. Murthy 13 June 2021

I read your translation of Jnanappana. Very good work.

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The Best Poem Of Poonthanam

Anjana Sridhara

Hey, pretty Krishna, who is black and who carries Lakshmi,
Salutations to you with folded hands,
Hey happy Krishna, who is decorated and who is Vasudeva,
Be pleased to remove all my sorrows.

Hey Krishna who lives all over the world and who is consort of Lakshmi,
Please come and appear before me,
Hey Krishna who is the only lord of fourteen worlds,
Hey God who fills all the ten directions fully,

Oh lotus eyed Krishna, who is the baby cowherd,
Be pleased to come and live inside me,
Oh Krishna who has taken birth on this earth,
Please help me to live without any problems.

Oh Krishna, you should put out the raging,
Problems of my heart, oh my baby Krishna,
Oh Krishna who is equal to the formidable Banasura,
I salute you with greatest happiness.

Oh Krishna I do not have any desire,
And alas I do not have any desire,
And Oh Krishna the curiosity with in me is great,
To see the beauty of your body, Oh Krishna.

Oh Krishna, along with the music of your flute with drum beats,
Oh Lad of the cowherds, please come running to me,
Oh pretty and charitable Krishna, who is playful,
There is no comparison at all for your qualities.

I salute your lotus like feet with love for you,
Oh Lord with lotus like eyes,
Oh most pretty one, Ok Krishna,oh son of Nanda,
Please drive away my problems and take care of me.

Oh cloud coloured Krishna, Oh star of the clan of Vrushnees,
Oh Krishna with lotus like eyes, I salute you,
Victory to Krishna who is hari, Victory to Krishna who is Hari,
Victory to Krishna who is Hari, Krishna who is Hari.

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Poonthanam Popularity

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