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I am a sensitive, humble and modest human being. I try to write on underdogs or odds maybe cuz I am able to identify with those circumstances at some level.

I am not a poet nor do I hold any degree in literature. I juss like to express some thoughts via poetry. Thanks to my friend Manpreet for showing me this website.

I m quiet a loner who's in dire need to friends, I hope i ll surely find some good folks in here, if if anyone's interested, i m game..: -)

Poras Sharma Poems


Till the other day, I was a wandering soul,
unsure of myself and my long cherished goal,
moving at a snail's pace was my indentity
and I always envisioned being a formidable entity.

Journey Of 'The' Man

In the face of adversity, rises a man,
In the face of horror, rejoices a man,
In the heat of opression, strides a man,
But belive,


Hard like hercules, she's gentle inside,
brave front she might put, she's weeping inside,
she's the one who's naive to worldly compromises,
rigid she is, deviod of all vices.


Caged in this lonesome attire,
I am always at chaos,
Gathering answers for my insane questions,
My goals are always at loss.

The Story Of 'Rocky Balboa'

Raised in the mean streets of Philadelphia,
His life was a worthless story,
He craved for pride and love,
Leading a life replete with glory.

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