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Ice cream,
Mount Everest of mine
When I was in nine.
Ice cream,

The globe is hot
Days seem long, but
Nights are short
I am 'She' not,

Rails Lying

Rails parallel lying long

A great fire festival
Started in my labour room
Burnt on my marriage altar.

Ice Cream Stick,
Ice cream stick
That we care
In order to lick it's cream


अनपसारित क्लान्ति
अनपसारित यन्त्रणा

A simple fresh green coconut,
Beautiful, numinous
An adept builder takes pain
To build it for months

Depriving of all the things
Which flag of fame would you hoist
Having taken away everything from me
What else would you snatch out my Lord?

As much the life prolongs
So the world seems obscure;
Myself and Yourself
As if everything is false

You came from the same kingdom
In the way I had come
There is no record
Of the number of times we have drenched

Like the autumnal full moon
Her sweet remembrances,
Those bygone agile days
Still peer into my mind sky.


O homeless God,
Don't you see
From time immemorial
My house is vacant.

Poet's life
Dreamy and bubbly
Chanting vehemently
Like cuckoo's cooee during spring

The sky, poor
To immerse in silver moonshine
Miss music of stars.


I wish,
I would go on picking up
Everybody's blanket
To steal their sleep

Go round the world
In quest of fragrances
Of flowers, of fruits, of spices
But, nothing excel the fresh notes

I want to be hurt
To bleed enough
Heart to be pierced
To cry clasping my soul.

A deity of trillion life cells
Charged once with some gigatons energy
To push me out from dark to light.

Prabhat Kumar Sahoo Biography

Prabhat Kumar Sahoo, born on 7.6.1960 in a village near Bhubaneswar, Temple City of India as the first child of Dr. Gauranga Ch. Sahoo. He was in cooperative services as a Post Graduate in Cooperative Management & Rural Studies and retired as General Manager of Mayurbhanj District Coop. Milk Union under OMFED in 2020. He has been writing since 1978.Published in many periodicals both in English & odia.Author of four books including one divotional book(1979) , one drama (1980) and one novel (1988) and recently published(2020) YOUR IDENTITY, a book of poems.He has worked as Editor of a technical bulletin (monthly) 'Buddhabhai' from 1985 to 2001 published in Odisha. Presently, he lives in Bhubaneswar, Capital of Odisha, India.)

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Ice Cream

Ice cream,
Mount Everest of mine
When I was in nine.
Ice cream,
Only rainbow of mine
Its marvellous colours draw me line.
Ice cream,
Only gift of mine
Who gift is my friend & fine.
Ice cream,
Only friend of mine
Any contract for it I would sign.
Ice cream,
Only dream of mine
In night, move in dream vine.
Ice cream
Oh no! l am fifty nine
Blood sugar is high, how to dine?

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Jolly S Lee 14 December 2017

Ice creame, back to childhood by poet.good remembrance.

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Prabhat Kumar Sahoo Quotes

Do not beg to thy for something which you do not deserve or else this break your eternal peace.

Sorrow magnifies beauty of the God Beauty is magnified if wife is sad.

Good to tounge may bad to heart and bad to tounge may good to heart.

Man throws ice-cream stick immediately after taking cream which was felt most essential just before.

Fragrance of a fresh bank note delivered by ATM is better than any fruits, flowers or spices.

All dogs are not dog like all men are not human.

Your palm may do marvelous but cannot fill your belly like your mother.

Guests are treated as God in India But God is not a guest.

God is there inside a dog and vice versa.

Bygone happy moments yield sorrowful days but sorrows of bygone days produce pleasant moments afterwards.

Money change the mind, mind change the money.

First love is merely a first aid to an injury called 'ADOLESCENCE'.

Democracy is acceptable But not Demoncracy.

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Prabhat Kumar Sahoo Popularity

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