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Let the moment be still in the
starry night.
let the indulgence of this moment
be as quiet and secret as the

My smile and my life is
with you.
My beginning and my end
is with you.

Heart a place where
blood flows.
but poet heart's, a
sacred place where his

Let the poet mind wonder
through stars, moon, mountain,
wilderness to collect the
nectar of his creation.

I loose myself when i see a
glimpse of you and then i
curse my fast moving heart
and my unopened silence that

I knew that i can forgot you but i never knew that my heart will deceive me this way.
I am not even in your memory but my memory is full of yours. sometimes cause happiness and sometimes pain. But i never learned to come out from them. Your memory burns and broke my heart again and again. From where and doing what can i erase

The night is accompanied by cool winds of summer to comfort those who have remain uneasy for whole day. Sometimes the rain come to comfort it with wild winds. The storms brings relief to dry soul.

Fire of love does not starts
easily but once it caught
cannot be stopped easily.
One never knows how one

The world no longer holds
my interest.
Come! my heart lets's walk to
the old road of my lover.

To the almighty blessed my motherland
among the radiance of the sky.
Where the mesmerising mighty rivers cut its
the path along the soil of Jharkhand.

I have forgot the lyrics but
i want to hmm the song.
The song so snooting to my
ears often my soul rest upon it.

Things starts from spring when
flowers start blooming.
where a leaf come out
from seed just like child

The sky is limitless, the land
is vast.
Then why i will be content
with your limited thought


I am more of free bird
than a prisoner of others.
I am more of rebel than
anything else.

I see her as far sparkling
star which sparkle in my heart.
She can't live with me but
she continue to live in my

In the world of yours,
there will be rain of pain.
Love can provide shelter
from it temporarily but

Billion of people but
still together as one.
Their hearts beat together
for the love of the nation.

enough the heart bleeds in
let it get relief by the
glassful of wine.

every pore of my body
writhe with agony for
your thirstful body.
agonizing with lust my

Pradip Dasgupta Biography

I started writing Poems at the age of seven.However, my real interests in poetry started in 2012 after some unexplained and mysteries situation in my life. For me, My poetry is like my god which I daily preach and pray. I find it as a medium that connect me and my soul to my god. Talking about my personal life, I am expected to complete my post graduation in Business management 2016.I am a nature person and believe nature has immense power to heal and renew our soul. I write poems with a lot of thinking and self-indulgence. One day, I am hopeful of becoming a world-class poet and well received by most of the poetic lovers.)

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Starry Night

Let the moment be still in the
starry night.
let the indulgence of this moment
be as quiet and secret as the
opening of the wild flowers.
sleeping under the bed of grass,
along the roof of starry night,
let the sleep be full of peace.
let only the shooting stars come
from the celestal world to fall
like a rain and the fireflies
dancing among them.
let the call of love of cricket,
bog from the scrub and the marshy
pond be the only song.
let the time be the only silent
observed in the play of night of

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Pradip Dasgupta 28 April 2013

thanks for good and bad reaction

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Hannah Khan 31 March 2013

that is bad and abit good soz for saying that

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Hannah Khan 31 March 2013

that is bad and abit good soz for saying that

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