Prasanna Mishra

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Lives in Bhubaneswar with his wife Smt Rama Mishra. Wrote most of his poems while working in the Government. Of late, writing sparingly and only small poems.

Prasanna Mishra Poems

Tryst With Life

On the auspicious day
I also took my place
With a stoic frame of mind
Moved inch by inch

I Am No God

I am no God,
I cry when a child dies of hunger,
When a mother sells her infant to the wine merchant, I cry
I have no appetite to be God

Song Of Life

Wilted leaves I knew
Do not revive
Yet I believed
When you said

Last Sunset Of The Century

Piercing lumps of stones
Inflict bruises
His frame aches
While the carrier moves

Puri On Sea

Those grains of ashes
I yearn for
On the beach
The sea breeze blew

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