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It was lonely
It was dark
I heard no noise
Not even a dog's bark..

I was stuck
Amidst the ocean
Looked up at the sky
And saw seagulls fly

Some people ask me
What love actually is?
Well it is something that brings a smile on our face
Even, it may be a small kiss.

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That Evening

It was lonely
It was dark
I heard no noise
Not even a dog's bark..

I saw a streetlamp..
Under which a bench lies;
I came near and sat on it
And slowly started closing my eyes..

Suddenly I saw a girl coming
From far I could see;
She quietly came along
And sat beside me.

Seeing her quiet
I got goosebumps
But still i said 'hi'
I don't know why..

She kept mum
She didn't reply
I thought
She would be shy..

She stood up
And started to walk.
'Did I hurt her,
I was just trying to talk.'

Was it a dream? ?
I am not sure.
But my curiosity to know her
Had no cure.

Then I saw a man
Coming along the same way
He saw me and said

'Did you see a girl here?
Strange enough to make you fear'

'Yes I saw her
She went that way'
'She has sleepwalking illness
Thank you anyway.'

He left me.
I also stood up
I had to reach home on time..
I hope you liked this prose poem of mine..

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Planning and execution are two different things but both are required for plan properly and work out the plan well.

When you care for people, they don't care for you.. And when you do not care for people, they say you are selfish.... Thats how people are nowadays.

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Pratham Goyal Popularity

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