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'Thank You Teacher'

Thank you skillful teacher,
for your valuable time and knowledge you shared,
and your big heart that cared,
a stubborn and ill student,

...My Teacher...I

Compassionate, Lovable,
Special, Likable.
Respectful, Helpful,
Humble, Careful.

...My Teacher...Ii

Explains each lesson again and again,
has headache but ignores her pain.
Yells, goes mad, throws things,
never she does.

...My Teacher...Iii

When I'm afraid, sad, fall on the way or on the wrong side,
she's the one who stands abide.
Gives the hand of encouragement and holds mine,
to overcome dark nights.

Three Best Buds

The days we met,
You and me can never forget.
Practise love, understanding and care,
our secrets and sorrows do share.

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Jennifer Gordon 10 June 2011

i love this one i am sending it to my sons wrestling coach.. thank you keep writing

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