Priscilla Kittie Kay

Priscilla Kittie Kay Poems

1. Silent Cries 11/6/2011
2. Pretty Dear, Would You Please? 11/6/2011
3. Poor Lonely Dove 11/6/2011
4. Deep In The Trees 11/6/2011
5. A Poem 11/6/2011
6. The Memories Are Carved 11/6/2011
7. Over The Hills 11/7/2011
8. Before They Eat My Soul Away 11/7/2011
9. When I Let Go Of You 11/6/2011
10. Untitled 11/6/2011
11. My Sweet Marionette 11/6/2011
12. For Kimberly 11/7/2011
13. Last December 11/7/2011
14. Porcelain Doll 11/6/2011
15. Left For Dead 11/6/2011
16. Lost 11/7/2011
17. Anonymous 11/6/2011
18. Ghost Girl 11/6/2011
Best Poem of Priscilla Kittie Kay

Ghost Girl

Thoughts of dread,
Filled her head,
Denied of repair,
She walked in dispair,
Until finally the thoughts,
Drifting through her got,
To be so severe,
We lost the poor dear,
Now they say,
That she chose to stay,
Pretty ghost girl, when will you rest,
All the children think it'd be best

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Porcelain Doll

Her heart,
It's like a porcelain doll,
Played with and played with,
'Til finally it breaks,
They glue it together,
Just to break it some more,
Then finally she shatters,
She can't be put back together

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