Pritisha Sardesai

Pritisha Sardesai Poems

1. My Father 5/11/2009
2. My Mother 5/11/2009
3. Inspiration 5/11/2009
4. Screams Of Frustration 5/12/2009
5. Dogs 5/12/2009
6. No Breathe 5/12/2009
7. Standing Alone 5/12/2009
8. Why Me? ? ? 5/12/2009
9. Best Friends 5/12/2009
10. Dum Diddle 5/12/2009
11. An Ideal Father 5/13/2009
12. Forever 5/12/2009
13. Faith, Hope And Heart 5/15/2009
14. Ignorance 5/18/2009
15. Courage To Move On 5/18/2009
16. You'Re Leaving 5/18/2009
17. Charlotte Lobo (Feb 22,1985-March,16 2006) 5/18/2009
18. God's Gift And A Fool 5/19/2009
19. Love And A Grape 5/19/2009
20. The Battle Within 5/12/2009
21. White Rose 5/15/2009
22. I Am 5/15/2009
23. My Brother 5/11/2009
24. Life Paints A Picture 5/12/2009
25. Emotions About A Poet 5/13/2009
26. A Promise To My Love 5/18/2009
27. My Little Toy Soilder 5/13/2009
28. My Dearest Drug Friend 5/18/2009
29. My Father Buried My Sister........Today 5/12/2009
Best Poem of Pritisha Sardesai

My Father Buried My Sister........Today

My father buried my sister today
My soul burns red with pain
No longer will I touch her face
Or caress her skin again

My father buried my sister today
God, what have I done wrong
To have her stolen from my arms
When my faith in you was strong

My father buried my sister today
Thank God I have another
I couldn't walk this path alone
Every breath is a struggle

My father buried my sister today
She was just 20
Searing, ripping, tearing ache
My emotions overcome me

To God above, how I pray
These words by her not repeated
My father...

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My Father

Don't you think a child needs a mother and at the same time a father too,
To love her with his manly charm,
To help her when she's hurt?
To keep her safe from harm?
I need you father,
To show me to make right choices,
To be aware,
To sustain and take care,
I hope you can see how much I treasure you father,

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