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Will you call me animal?
Though I have a strong feeling of affection,
Keeping my baby in my womb,
I am walking slowly but steadily

You showed the way
When I was not in love,
Now I'm in love
But you make me forget

How many days the sun rises
And goes to the western sky,
Know you and I
Years both we spent in vain,

In a very fine day, I was forced to fall in love
With a mermaid,
While I was walking along the bank,
I could her find.

Will you hate me again?
If I want to love you.
Will you leave me again?
If I want to walk with you.

A tree can give us shade
Beneath it a passerby can make his bed,
Its food and oxygen keep us alive
As a mother in her womb rears a child.

I love the blooming flowers
And they also love me,
Whenever I stay with them
They give me their beauty.

You are in the South
And I am in the North.
But the Pains are common.
Coming from both sides,

I dreamt a sweet dream,
Standing in the middle of the flowers,
I enjoyed their beauty and the showers.
It was the end of the midnight,

I want to forget you thousand times
in thousand ways,
But every time I fail.
Why? I don't know.

Where the wind stops blowing
You can hear thousands are crying,
Where the flowers fear to be born
You can feel how far the scarlet dawn.

How I can praise such a beauty,
Though thousand of words, thousand of thoughts I have.
In every second, I am losing the pulse from my senses
Only the weakness of heart is getting high.

If I offer you
A small drop of dew
And a piece of diamond.
Which one will you choose?

I try to observe my life
From every corner in a triangle,
But I find myself not in a line,
It is a moon like circle.

On this day you came,
From your parents you took a name.
The day is special for me and you,
Keep always smile on your lips

Oh! Rain, come with your watery hands
and make my dreams true.
You were the source of joy
in my childhood when I was a boy.

Will I want something?
Nothing, without a piece of land.
Believe me, I will give you the exact price.
One day you will give it to someone

No cloud in the sky was that day
So the sun tried his best to lighten,
The North wind was calm but moving
And the Despair wanted to touch me anyway.

Never ask me
Where the heart exists,
I can't answer you
But I can assure,

I never ask that moon
Why you forget to smile,
In the darkness of the night.
Never walk with that shadow

Prodip Basak Biography

'I must sleep tomorrow. Let me enjoy this day.' I started writing when I fell in love with the beauty of nature. I was then only 15 years old. At the first stage of my poetic career, I wrote simple poems worshiping nature. When I understood the real beauty, I started to realize that this beauty is not only in nature but also in every human mind. After that I ran after this beauty to find out. At one stage, I came to know the reality that human mind is full of beauty but it is covered with a towel of sorrow.)

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Justice Will Prevail Someday

Will you call me animal?
Though I have a strong feeling of affection,
Keeping my baby in my womb,
I am walking slowly but steadily
Only to draw your attention.

My baby is hungry
As I couldn't get anything to feed,
We have been walking for days towards you
To make you realize our need.

She is moving and jumping
Possibly hunger makes her worry,
But it is her happiness to see you
That tells me to hurry.

I am only fifteen
And not young enough
To realize everything,
I heard about your perfection
For that you are called human being.

My baby asks me to see the food
"Ma, why are the human beings so good? "
I tell they have the feeling of affection
And so they are better than we in perfection.

It is belief that makes us closure
Food is nothing, just a worldly pleasure.

I have some as my baby is hungry,
No one knows what is going to be?
Some drops of blood suddenly come out
Oh baby! They cannot hear your shout.

They have given explosive in your food
So, I am running to and fro
How can I save your life?
Baby, where will I go?

My little baby asks me now
"Why did you trust them blindly? "
They have no feelings as we have
For this I have to sleep forever in your lap.

Justice will prevail someday
Before the equality,
He will judge only our deed
Not our identity.

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Prodip Basak Quotes

Without words life can't find its meaning completely. Try to arrange the words to make the life meaningful.

Staying on the ground, if you think you can walk on the river, it will be a foolish work. First you must find a bridge to stand there. Then start walking on the river.

A real man doesn't want to love the most beautiful girl of the world. He must love the girl who makes his world most beautiful.

There are two types of person in this society. One says I know everything whereas the other says I know but what I know.

A good friend is not for a moment but for every moment.

He who can laugh keeping his pain behind is a great man. I always try to laugh when something makes me unhappy.

If something gives you pain, try to accept it to be a perfect one.

The world is highly ambitious and I possess a little part of it.

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Prodip Basak Popularity

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