Francis Duggan Purple Poems

Purple Crowned Lorikeets

The wattlebirds kept busy all the day
From flowering gum trees chasing them away
But wattlebirds though big are not so fleet
And they can't catch purple crowned lorikeet.

On Purple Swamphen

Once seen and heard birds one never again mistake
Often see them eating grass by Pertobe Lake
Never far from water bordered by reeds nearby
Though of human kind most of them does not seem shy

Purple Swamphen

You see them near country lakes and onwetlands and near lakes in parks of the town
When they fly it is with effort with long legs dangling down
They are known as purple swamphen quite common in their range
Though that they are not favourite birds of many to say the least seems a bit strange

Laventhere Purple

In the World are many plagiarists something I have always realized
But that one should copy one of my offerings and put his or her name to it
to say the least came to me as a surprise
A person with the pen name of LavenThere Purple a plagiarist of the big World out there

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