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To The One that read this everyday
Thank You for reminding me...
Believe in yourself

If I only get one night with you
then let it be the last of my life
Let me die in bliss complete
making sense of all my strife

My Mighty Wings engulf you
lifting you up out from the Sea
With my hands upon Your Heart
bring healing unto thee

I thought
my body still burned
that he

Love reading such
a beautiful sight
The private look into
such a wonderful night

I saw inside my tear drop
as they pooled inside my eyes
Reading what you wrote
takes my heart into the sky

I am but a mirror
and your reflection empty
I am standing here
with all that you gave me

My handheld reads
number 66
How appropriate

I love to know that you are near
that in my heart you dwell
And when I read of your words
My heart begins to swell

Maybe it will be
a song we used to share
Maybe it's a familiar scent
hanging in the air

Same here
I don't think you quite realise
I have needed you the whole time
and I have worked on my ability

Act II, Scene I:

On bended knee
the Queen knells down

Act II, Scene III:

'Solitude, lovely, solitude' the
Queen claims to the air

Act II, Scene II:

Humbled at the behest of his Queen,
The Knight, knowing all to be seen,

ACT II Scene IV:

Many moons filled the Queen’s lonely eyes
Holding hope The Return of Her King

The stage now set in black
Hard wood floors echo cracks

The quiet pressures my ears

'Follow me
or do I follow you? '
'Do you know of a
place we can go to? '

On a cloud of thunder
I race to you, bliss

Please forgive me?
For ever saying, I'd
leave you

Fear Ye not
err I should go
I'll come again

Queen Oneeightytwo Biography

Good Day and Thank You for stopping by to read my words. I have been writing poetry since I was a young girl. I love to write about Love, Faith, Nature, Loss, Healing and Higher Power such Heavenly Father. Writing poetry is like therapy for me and oh so much cheaper..lol! Sending Light and Love to All! Harmony, Q182)

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To The One that read this everyday
Thank You for reminding me...
Believe in yourself
Though others falter
Believe in yourself
When all hope is gone
Believe in yourself
When darkness is upon you
Believe in your strength
And carry on
Believe in yourself
When life is dreary
Believe in yourself
Thou your soul be damned
Believe in yourself
When there is no one
Believe in yourself
And just think you can
Have Faith that things get better
Have Faith it works out fine
Have Faith that satan loses
Have Faith someday you shine
See past unto the future
When in peace you live your life
Have Faith to keep on going
Have Faith you win this fight


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