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I would'nt call my self a poet artist. I write more as a tradesman poet. trying to create something that brings bring a little joy to the hearts of others and achievement for myself.

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A Fathers Words To His Child.

Children are the gentle breezes for which parents plea.
They come they play around us then they flee.
We would hold them to our breast,
Protecting against all of life's dreadful tests.

Lovers And Loving

Lovers float gently past Lilly pads flowering,
Swans pass in pairs long necks caressing.
Stealing behind her parasol for a kiss are sweet hearts,
A couple share a basket of small sandwiches and sweet tarts.


Why do you only see me when I cry,
And not when my eyes are dry.
Only when my happy heart is broken,
And not when happiness has spoken.


He can open the petal of the dark red rose.
And bring it's sweet scent to my nose.
He can teach a spider to spin its intricate web.
And grow a glorious flower in its dark soiled bed.

I Spoke

I spoke to the stream about the soft blue of your eyes,
After many a try to copy she failed and cried.
I told the harvest about the colour of your golden hair,
It tried to mimic a beauty beyond compare.

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Margaret Haig 01 December 2012

That line. In the loves poem Loves nature. I was taught at school. I wasn't to repeat at start and end same words, Could it be different. Not forcing you to change, only asking if not its the restis okie dokey. Mate

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